1. This pretty much explains Obama’s rise to POTUS. Problem is he is no longer respecting the dignity of the people. This interview explains so much about the Progressives and Liberals.:

2. Documentation showing how Progressives use the methods of Saul Alinsky to organize.

3. Obama worship and Satan Worship?
One of the same? ….. All About Barack Hussein Obama’s Mentor Saul Alinsky!
Thanks to Pastor James David Manning for presenting this powerful messag

4. Saul Alinsky Takes the White House

5. Hardball

6. Clips from RCTV’s 1st program “Catholic Investigative Agency”. Michael Voris looks into the USCCB’s Catholic Campaign for Human Development and it’s roots & connections to the socialistic agenda of Saul Alinsky. SHOCKING

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7. Saul Alinsky developed Tactics about overwhelming the system. If no one pays what can they do?
These same tactics are now used by Acorn on Housing Foreclosures they think they can just walk into and claim as theirs.

8. This video is one of seven in a series in which grassroots organizers from the U.S. and abroad share inspirational perspectives on community organizing (edited English and Spanish language transcripts available at Topics explored in the series include the role of community organizing in strengthening democracy and civic participation; the challenges facing the field and its efforts to create social change; and the rewards of helping people engage, inform and shape the public decision making process. “From the Grassroots: Community Organizing” was produced by the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. Additional information about the series is available at

Mott 1.






9. Egy másik donor prspektíva:

Supporters and grantees of North Star Fund define community organizing and why it’s a powerful tool for progressive and sustainable social change.

10. Közösségszervezés és a rokon-megközelítések

Michael Jacoby Brown talks about Community Organizing and the advantages of a sustainable organization versus a short-term campaign. For more information, call (617) – 645 – 0226. For more information about community organizing, contact the National Organizers Alliance P. O. Box 60708 Washington DC 20039-0708 301-270-0640 For jobs in organizing: Organizers for America

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